About Us

I was once in your shoes. I felt stuck with my dogs progress and I had no idea what I was doing.

Hi, I’m Kevyn. My journey with dog training began with the demanding life of a police officer. Joining in 2017, I quickly learned that balancing work with personal passions came with its challenges, particularly when it came to training my dog. Despite pouring my heart and soul into our sessions, I felt stuck and questioned my methods while feeling overwhelmed.

However, my determination to build a stronger bond with my pup led me down an unexpected path. I immersed myself in the world of advanced dog training, attending workshops, diving into books, and connecting with top professionals in the industry. This wasn’t just a quest for techniques and methods.

This experience reshaped not only my training approach but also my understanding of the trouble that many pet owners deal with. Witnessing the remarkable change in my dog’s behavior and our relationship, I gained insights into the frustrations, dreams, and dedication that we wish to have with our dogs. A friendly, obedient dog.

I’m ready to share this knowledge and experience with you. I’m here to help you achieve the harmony and understanding you seek with your dog.