Three easy Dog behavior tips to help your dog physically and mentally for busy dog owners

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Over the years of having Cardi, Ivy, and Isma (family dogs), a lot has been learned from dog behavior. Eventually, we adopted simple physical and mental stimulation activities to help our dog’s well-being.


We also found in our experience that many of the “bad dog behavior’ would manifest was not because they were “bad dogs.” Most of the time, dogs start showing bad dog behavior from separation anxiety.


The dog’s mind becomes confused because no one is with them or has given them time, they then begin to stress. This emotional energy that is built up over hours from being alone will then show up as bad dog behavior.

Each dog will have a different way of showing this emotional energy by quivering, whining, destructive behavior, potty accidents, and more.


Improving dog behavior starts with simply giving your dog a bit of (enrichment) with your pet care, and if you are short of time, I’ll explain how to make that time with your dog adequate.

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Choose a suitable chew toy

physical enrichment:

A hypothesis and theory article by frontiers in psychology makes the case that a dog looking for a stick to achieve a particular sensation to seek a condition is a form of tool use.

A suitable chew toy can mentally and physically stimulate your dog for hours when you are short of time. When choosing a chew toy, make sure the toy is resilient and won’t brake into pieces and potentially cause a safety hazard for your dog.

In our experience with dog behavior, the Kong chew toy helped a lot. Remember that your dog will only find a toy enriching if they are not bored using or are afraid, (we have no affiliation with Kong).

To get your dog to enjoy the toy, stuff the Kong with the kibble to the top. Soak the kibble inside the Kong with water, then place the stuffed Kong into the freezer and let the kibble freeze.

Once it is ready, apply a small amount of peanut butter to the kibble from the opening of the Kong toy. Finally, I recommend that whatever size you pick for your dog, go up a size so your dog won’t get frustrated with not getting to the food.


Implement an indoor mental exercise

Nutritional enrichment:

Grab your choice of food, kibble is always my first choice because it is always ready and does not take time to prepare. However, sometimes this does not excite a dog enough to search, so pick a lean nutritional treat like chicken breast. You can also skip breakfast so the dog comes more motivated to interact with the toy to get the food.


You will then place the food in containers (your choice) in a room where it is safe for your dog to wander. Let your dog into the room and let them think through the situation, and you’ll see your dog search for the treats.


In the beginning make the game easier so your dog understands and associates a particular room with food and excitement. In time you can make the game harder, this game is excellent for those working at home or getting ready to leave for work in the morning.

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Physical Exercise

Occupational enrichment:

There are multiple ways you can achieve a hands-free method for exercise that requires little attention. A treadmill or a dog pacer is a great way to accomplish this enrichment for your dog if you have the money and want to invest.

When using this method, just like our other steps, you will have to associate the machine with excitement and reward. On a leash, get your dog to step on the treadmill, have the dog sit, and then reward the dog while on the machine.

For this one, I suggest using chicken breast to excite your dog to associate the machine with excitement. This way, your dog will always react to the treadmill in a positive way that excites the dog.


The dog pacer has features that allow you to secure your dog with blinds to focus on moving straight, but you can do the same with a regular treadmill. If you like jogging, get a standard treadmill to benefit you and your pet.

On a standard treadmill, tie the leash on the handle of the treadmill to secure your dog.
Start the treadmill with your dog on it at the lowest speed, and then hold it by the sides to keep your dog from falling off. 


This new experience may startle your dog, but this is okay and is a natural reaction. It may take your dog a few minutes to figure out how to pace with the machine so it stays on track. 


Once your dog can walk at the lowest speed, you can speed up the pace and leave it at the setting you want.
I found this method excellent, especially when I would workout from home and I could watch Ivy or Isma. 


This method also works great for working from home or getting ready for the morning. If you can’t physically be in the room with your dog, set up a room cam so you have an eye on your dog while you’re getting ready for work or working from home.


Final thoughts

These dog behavior activities will give your dog the time it needs to improve its well-being. All these tools are great to implement, but don’t use only one method for enrichment. Strategically use these activities in combination to give your dog adequate time.

If your dog becomes bored or afraid of the activity, your dog will not find any benefit from these methods. You can use other ways, but some achieve enrichment more than others.


Switch it up often, so your dog never becomes bored and always enjoys the activity they are doing. You’ll notice that some of the enrichment benefits from activities like nutritional, physical, and occupational enrichment overlap.


For example, your dog may not necessarily achieve social behaviors from occupational enrichment. Sometimes you may be so busy you have to hire someone to watch your dog, to achieve these benefits and this is okay. To me this is no different than having to find a babysitter in order to be able to achieve our goals.


We can help you with your pet care and we do that by one of the services that we offer (Dog walking). Walking your dogs benefits them with social enrichment. 

When we pick up a client’s dog to walk, we have brought our dogs along because they gain occupational and social enrichment. We do have a method of introducing new dogs to each other who have yet to be socialized as much but your dogs can also get a private walk.

Finally, a well-socialized dog will not be afraid to meet new people and experience new places. Your dog will continuously need different types of enriching activities, so they can continue to grow and be a happier pet.

I hope this dog behavior tips have helped you.